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Raging Sunsine

Raging Sunshine
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Welcome to Raging Sunshine! This is the place for all B/J supporters out there. This group, among many others, is dedicated to Brian and Justin from Showtime's hit drama, Queer as Folk. So come and discuss Brian and Justin, Queer as Folk in general. Enjoy!

Post, chat, discuss, and have fun! Spoilers, pics, interviews, icons, vids, opinions, and fics, are welcome!

Quote of the Month

Ted: You have anything on you?

Brian: Yeah, 16 pounds of cocaine and 24 ounces of heroin.

Ted: This is no time to be funny!

Brian: Who's being funny?

Queer As Folk is Love.
Credit: M4tth3w

Suppot Brian and Justin Love.

Credit: ridiculously

Marriage is love.

Credit: shared_boxers

Rimming is love.

Credit: ivyblossom

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